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iOS Setup

Coinbase Wallet Mobile SDK uses Universal Links to communicate between Coinbase Wallet and your application.

Android Setup

In order for your app to interact with Coinbase Wallet, you must add a queries element to your AndroidManifest.xml file, specifying the package name for Coinbase Wallet, org.toshi.

<package android:name="org.toshi" />


Before the SDK can be used, it needs to be configured with the following parameters.

callbackURL (iOS): The Universal Link used by Coinbase Wallet to return responses to your application.

hostURL (iOS): The Universal Link used by the Mobile SDK to open the wallet application.

hostPackageName (Android): The package name of the wallet application.

import { configure } from "@coinbase/wallet-mobile-sdk";

callbackURL: new URL(""),
hostURL: new URL(""),
hostPackageName: "org.toshi",

Listening for responses

When your application receives a response from Coinbase Wallet via a Universal Link, this URL needs to be handed off to the SDK via the handleResponse function.

import { handleResponse } from "@coinbase/wallet-mobile-sdk";

// Your app's deeplink handling code
useEffect(() => {
const sub = Linking.addEventListener("url", ({ url }) => {
const handledBySdk = handleResponse(new URL(url));
if (!handledBySdk) {
// Handle other deeplinks

return () => sub.remove();
}, []);