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Batch requests

To improve UX by minimizing app switches, MWP allows client apps to make requests with multiple actions at once. Wallets should return results in a single response message as well. Client can specify whether each action is required or optional to customize the flow.

Request has actions

  • A request message contains an array of actions
  • Each action defines a single JSON RPC call with corresponding parameters in JSON format
  • optional boolean property to tell the host wallet to cancel the request if it fails to process non-optional action.

Example request message with three actions batched

"version": "1.0.3",
"sender": "AD6aqQNPr4/NRQymzqr14qjlnO9LN5JaEs/XEwEGTno=",
"content": {
"request": {
"actions": [
"paramsJson": "{\"chainId\":\"137\"}",
"method": "wallet_switchEthereumChain",
"optional": false
"paramsJson": "{\"address\":\"0x571a6a108adb08f9ca54fe8605280F9EE0eD4AF6\",\"message\":\"message\"}",
"method": "personal_sign",
"optional": true
"paramsJson": "{\"toAddress\":\"0\",\"fromAddress\":\"0x571a6a108adb08f9ca54fe8605280F9EE0eD4AF6\",\"chainId\":\"137\",\"weiValue\":\"0\",\"data\":\"\"}",
"method": "eth_sendTransaction",
"optional": false
"timestamp": 689616588.09238,
"callbackUrl": "myappxyz://mycallback/wsegue",
"uuid": "84920218-ED92-4DF7-83BC-3CBFD1E5C7E3"

Response has values

  • A response message contains array of values
  • value can be either
    • result: JSON string
    • error: error code and message


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